Ich habe diese kleinen Regentropfen kürzlich aufgesammelt und sie nun sind im Shop verfügbar.


  • können gute Laune verbreiten (egal bei welchem Wetter :-) )
  • haben gerne andere Regentropfen um sich
  • sind manchmal müde…
  • machen garantiert nichts nass!

I’ve recently picked up these little raindrops and they’re now available in the shop.


  • can spread joy around them (regardless of the weather condition :-) )
  • like to be around other raindrops
  • get tired sometimes…
  • won’t make anything wet!

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  1. Jhuita
    Sonntag, 20UTCSun, 20 Dec 2015 18:37:36 +0000 20. Dezember 2015 at 18:37 (6 years ago)

    Joanne, Thanks for your comments, too. In redargs to your concerns about your son, my recommendation is, as always, trust your instincts that he may needs some evaluation. You have two great resources: the school where your son attends and his pediatrician. Talk to them both about where to start in assisting him to feel comfortable and ready to learn and perform more easily in school. Having his eyes checked, an eval for learning difficulties and possible developmental cognitive/processing tests would be a great start but both your school and pediatrician can help you determine what is best for him. Sometimes learning evals out of school are not covered by insurance but depends on your area and indication. Speak up and start to get answers for your son, then your fear and worry will likely transform into a plan to make change!

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