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Spring Berry Cake

Berries are wonderful to consume in copious amounts during spring and summer. Depending on where you live, you will most likely see them now in the shops and by the farmer markets. I simply couldn’t resist to make this delicious Spring Berry Cake for you!

Do you like berries too? What would you prefer to have as your favorite cake topping?

Have a wonderful weekend!
Jenny ♥

spring-berry-cake1 spring-berry-cake2 spring-berry-cake4 spring-berry-cake3

Mandarin Beach Cake

After the successful update of my homepage, I finally could return to my crochet work. I tried a very long time for my next project and now I can present the Mandarin Beach Cake! The cake is called like this because the blue colour reminds me of the sea and the beach. I wish you all a nice weekend.
Jenny ♥

mandarin_beach_cake1 mandarin_beach_cake2 mandarin_beach_cake3 mandarin_beach_cake4

Dragon Fruit Cake

I always wanted to create a Dragon Fruit Cake since I love exotic fruits :-) The most difficult part was to determine the right size for the fruit slices but after a few attempts it has worked out eventually ;-) If you don’t know this fruit, you definitively need to try it out! You can most likely find them in asia shops :-) YUMMY!

The cake is now available in the Online Shops.

Earl Grey Lemon Cake

I have created this cake based on a custom order. The criterias were: yellow and grey.

It didn’t bother me that the colour grey is not very common for cakes, so I accepted the challenge and started right away :-) For the colour yellow I used two lemon slices :-) The satin ribbon gives the cake a great finish! Due to the special colours I’ve used, I’ve named it “Earl Grey Lemon Cake”.

The customer is satisfied and so am I :-D

It’s now available in the Online Shops.


Berry Pretty Cake

It has been a long time since the last blog post but I have been so busy with the wedding preparations that I lost sight of my other activities :-?

I am therefore very pleased to introduce you to my newest creation called:

Berry Pretty Cake!

It’s now available in the Online Shops. :-)

Fruit Cake

Dieses leckere und zugleich elegante Fruchttörtchen ist bedeckt mit Heidelbeeren, Erdbeeren, Kiwi und Grapefruit.

This delicious and elegant fruit cake is covered with blueberries, strawberries, kiwi and grapefruit.

Grapefruit Cake

Fresh & Juicy!  – das neue Grapefruit Törtchen is perfekt für den Frühling & Sommer!

Fresh & Juicy!  – the new grapefruit cake is great for spring & summer!

Pink Flower Cake

Der Frühling steht schon bald vor der Tür. Falls man die Blumen aber schon vorher bei sich zu Hause haben möchte, kann man sie ganz einfach als Törtchen bestellen.

Spring is just around the corner. If you already want to have flowers in your home, simply order them on a little cake.

Chocolate Banana Cake

Bananen und Schokolade gehören einfach zusammen und deshalb gibt’s diese Kombination jetzt auch in Törtchenform!

Bananas and chocolate go very well together and therefore I have combined these two ingredients in a cake!

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