Interview: Do It Yourself – Turning a Recreational Hobby into a Lucrative Business

It has been a quiet 2015 around Bibuki but I hope I can catch up with the crochet world again in 2016! With the start of the new year, I was asked for a short interview regarding DIY! Check it out and have yourself a fantastic new year! xoxo, Jenny



Do It Yourself – Turning a Recreational Hobby into a Lucrative Business

Winter is the time for doing arts and crafts, and handmade gifts are always special. Yet, did you know that making things by hand can also make you money? Thanks to a variety of internet websites specializing in handcrafted items, you can turn your creativity into cold, hard cash. In this issue, the Bonviva team reveals what websites are available in Switzerland and introduces you to some people doing good business with their homemade products through those sites.
Practical Skills Relearned

“Do it yourself” was the slogan used by a movement originating in the UK in the 1950s that promoted more self-initiative as a way for people to once again play a greater role in shaping the world. Today, this spirit can still be felt among creative individuals who have built up small businesses with their handcrafted items: “I want my handmade things to make the world a little more colorful,” says Jenny Bichsel from Zurich.

Through the website, I reach people all over the world.
– Jenny Bichsel

Jenny crochets cupcakes, hamburgers, sushi, and cacti and sells them on the online platform DaWanda. Customers love her label “Bibuki” and the precious little gift items. The internet makes it all possible: DIY becomes business.

Where to Sell besides the Internet: “Suitcase Markets” for Handcrafted Goods

In addition to online platforms, Switzerland regularly boasts a special type of flea market called “Koffermärkte” (suitcase markets) for handmade items. Vendors bring their wares in a suitcase, open it up, and use the luggage item to display their goods.

Jenny from Bibuki is one of those using the events to sell her crocheted hamburgers and cupcakes at the markets. “I find the Koffermarkt to be quite profitable since people can see and touch my creations,” she says. “Besides that, I appreciate seeing and talking to my customers in person.” Visitors are not faced with overstuffed shelves. Their attention is focused on the main attraction: the handicrafts in a suitcase and their talented creators.

It was so much fun!

The long-awaited suitcase market is already over! It was so great and I can not wait to sign up for the next market event. The visitors were really kind and they give me motivation for my new projects. :)

See you soon!
Jenny ♥

Koffermarkt1 Koffermarkt2

Suitcase Market Uster

The second Uster suitcase market will take place in two weeks and we will be there! For this cool occasion, I went to buy an old suitcase and I have prepared it for the sales event. My husband helped me to put in some nice shelves :-)

This kind of suitcase markets are called like this because the sellers have to present their goods in a nostalgic and nicely decorated suitcase. All products sold in these markets are handmade only. There are no limits in terms of creativity of the presented products and that’s why the suitcase rummage places are so unique!

Koffermarkt Uster Dez 14

Date: Sunday, December 7th 2014
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Place: Landihalle, Quellenstrasse 6, 8610 Uster, Switzerland

I would be very happy to see you there!
Jenny ♥

Adventure Time

You may not be aware of it but Adventure Time is not really a cartoon for just kids. It is one of my favorite cartoons because it’s fun, silly and has crazy underlying themes. The cartoon takes place in a magical land called Ooo and follows a boy and his dog, Finn and Jake, on ridiculous adventures. There are many princesses, an evil ice king, a hipster vampire queen, a weirdo lemon-headed guy named Lemongrab, penguins and so much more!

Stay adventurous!

Jenny ♥

finn-and-jake1Finn & Jake

Adventure Time!

finn-and-jake3#Amiselfie #Selfie #AdventureTime


Finn’s backpack

Spring Berry Cake

Berries are wonderful to consume in copious amounts during spring and summer. Depending on where you live, you will most likely see them now in the shops and by the farmer markets. I simply couldn’t resist to make this delicious Spring Berry Cake for you!

Do you like berries too? What would you prefer to have as your favorite cake topping?

Have a wonderful weekend!
Jenny ♥

spring-berry-cake1 spring-berry-cake2 spring-berry-cake4 spring-berry-cake3

Mandarin Beach Cake

After the successful update of my homepage, I finally could return to my crochet work. I tried a very long time for my next project and now I can present the Mandarin Beach Cake! The cake is called like this because the blue colour reminds me of the sea and the beach. I wish you all a nice weekend.
Jenny ♥

mandarin_beach_cake1 mandarin_beach_cake2 mandarin_beach_cake3 mandarin_beach_cake4

Design Update

It has been a while since the last time that I wrote something, that’s why I worked on the homepage over the whole weekend to give it a new and fresh look. I’m very satisfied with the result and wanted to share the result with you guys :-) what do you think? Do you like it?
Jenny ♥homepage


I long for the spring time and so I came up with the idea for Kitty! It did not take very long and I was able to crochet this doll. I particularly like their sweet outfit!
She is now available in the shop.

bibuki_kitty1 bibuki_kitty2

bibuki_kitty3 bibuki_kitty4

Dragon Fruit Cake

I always wanted to create a Dragon Fruit Cake since I love exotic fruits :-) The most difficult part was to determine the right size for the fruit slices but after a few attempts it has worked out eventually ;-) If you don’t know this fruit, you definitively need to try it out! You can most likely find them in asia shops :-) YUMMY!

The cake is now available in the Online Shops.

Earl Grey Lemon Cake

I have created this cake based on a custom order. The criterias were: yellow and grey.

It didn’t bother me that the colour grey is not very common for cakes, so I accepted the challenge and started right away :-) For the colour yellow I used two lemon slices :-) The satin ribbon gives the cake a great finish! Due to the special colours I’ve used, I’ve named it “Earl Grey Lemon Cake”.

The customer is satisfied and so am I :-D

It’s now available in the Online Shops.


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